Berkey Vs Reverse Osmosis: Which Is the Best Water Filter

Berkey Vs Reverse Osmosis

In this article, we will discuss and compare the difference between two different types of filters: Reverse Osmosis vs Berkey. We’ll discuss what they are, their pros & cons, as well as which is better for your needs and Reverse osmosis. filters will give you quality filtered water, there are differences in how they work, … Read more

How To Choose the Best Water Container for Camping: The Definitive Guide

Best Water Container for Camping

It’s difficult to choose the best water container for camping. There are so many options- some more expensive, but higher quality than others. As a camper myself, I know how important it is to have access to fresh water when you’re out in the wilderness! That’s why I wrote this definitive guide, covering everything you … Read more

Best Water Purification Tablets

Polar Pure Iodine

Does your faucet lack the tankless water heater to offer you instant warm water? Our article is all about the best point of use tankless water heater. In winter, no one wants to get in touch with cold water. Plus, wait for warm water while standing in the bathroom is also a difficult task. The … Read more

What is a water distiller

What is a water distiller

A water distiller is a process of removing impurities from water. In this process, it converts water into the vapours and then condenses it to the liquid state. Due to the evaporation process, it removes impurities, bacteria, and unnecessary minerals such as fluoride, arsenic, and other minerals. Moreover, the distiller converts the water into vapours … Read more

How to Remove Iron From Well Water

Bacterial iron

Seeing brown stains everywhere is really a big problem that is caused by massive Iron in well water. Before discussing how to remove Iron from well water, it is important to know how Iron gets into the water.  The reason this is such a big problem is that Iron is the most plentiful mineral in … Read more

How To Remove Iron From Bore Water

how to remove iron from bore well water

Drinking clean water will increase energy and help weight loss. Moreover, it will also improve skin complexity and maintain regularity in your life. You can get bore water from the ground, which is available in soil and rocks under the earth. Furthermore, it may contain minerals that may cause borne diseases. Contaminated water may cause … Read more

What Are Hydroponics Systems

what are hydroponics systems

It must have been wanted by numerous landscapers in the past time to develop plants super quickly. It is a possible strategy in today’s world just with the help of a new technology named hydroponics systems. It is really important to understand how hydroponics systems work. It is a technique for developing plants in a … Read more

Best Countertop Water Filter | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Countertop Water Filter

Have you had enough of your home water having a strong, unpleasant chemical smell and awful taste? You just know it is causing serious problems for your health and compromising your immune system. Are you desperately wanting clean fresh drinking water straight from your tap? You are not alone. Bad tasting and stinky water is … Read more

Best Water Distillers For Purification | Top 10 Products

ROVSUN Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller

A water distiller is a water purification system that purifies the water and gives freshwater with the method of steam and condensing to remove all contaminants effectively.  Distillation is the oldest purification method that is effective and easy. Distilled water is pure from all unhealthy minerals, chemicals, bacterias, and viruses present in tap water. Structure … Read more