Aquasana AQ – 4000 Counter Top Water Filter Review

If you have ever searched for water filters, then we can bet, Aquasana is the name that you have definitely heard before. Aquasana is the brand that is providing the higher quality reliable water filters for the last many years.

From their wide variety of countertop water filters, we have decided to do “Aquasana AQ 4000 Review” for you. Because during our research, we have found that there are many contrary reviews available on the internet and instead of helping you out, all of them actually confusing you more.

After doing extensive research and getting honest Aquasana AQ 4000 reviews from the actual users,  we are here to communicate everything to you. So that at the end of the day, you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

Aquasana AQ 4000 review Counter top water filter

Aquasana AQ 4000 Review

Aquasana is the leading brand in the countertop water filter industry, and renowned for manufacturing the filters that can satisfy customer needs. They are in the industry for the last many years and using their experience and industry knowledge to provide the benefit to their users.

Their philosophy is entirely different from the competitors and even the technology that they are using is different either. They have manufactured Aquasana AQ 4000 by considering the real problems of the users. But it also comes with some shortcomings. Be patient! In this review, you will get every minute detail about this water filter.

Let’s start exploring more about this unit in more detail.


Filtering the water is the core task that water filters have to do, what if they failed to do it appropriately? Obviously, you will not go with those failed filters, no matter how much they were easy to install and how stylish they were. Aquasana already knew all of these things, that’s why they have paid great attention to their filtration capabilities.

Aquasana uses the Claryum technology for filtering out the pollutants from the water. Clary technology uses two filtration stages in the whole process.  Furthermore, these two stages are divided into 4 different portions, to ensure that you will get the best purified water.

Activated Carbon: This segment deals with organic chemicals and pesticides.

Catalytic Carbon: It only works to remove two chemicals including chloramine and chlorine. It has been noticed that it removes both of these chemicals up to 98% effectively.

Ion-Exchange: Lead and mercury will get eliminated from the water.

Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration: Lastly, chlorine-resistant cysts and asbestos get caught at this segment.

Long story short, including chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, organic chemical, pesticides, and all other possible pollutants gets eliminated by this water filter. But good news! Is that, along with these pollutants, Aquasana AQ 4000 does not remove beneficial minerals from water.

All the beneficial minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium remains in the water so that you don’t have to drink bland taste purified water. The water coming out of this filter is cleanest and healthy at the same time.

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Why you should trust its filtration capabilities?

Every second filter claims to do the same thing, but they are not filtering the water effectively. In this era, you can’t just trust the claims of the brands without having strong evidence in your hand.

You might be thinking, that their claim is also a marketing gimmick like others. But don’t worry it’s not the case with it.

The Filters of Aquasana AQ 4000 are NSF internationally Certified. Aquasana holds NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 401 certificates. You can’t doubt the quality of water that is filtered with this model.

For more satisfaction, you can check out their official testing and certification results Here.

Flow Rate

Counter Top water filters provide you the filtered water on demand. You can easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water as per your need. They don’t have the storage tanks like reverse osmosis systems, that’s why for filling up your glass with purified water, it takes time.

The noticed flow rate of Aquasana AQ 4000 is around 0.5 Gallons per minute, which translates that in an hour, it can produce around 30 gallons of purified water, which is fairly good enough. You will not be required to wait long for drinking the cleanest water.


Being the countertop water filter, it does not require any sort of complex installation, you can easily set it up along with your faucet. It does not require any permanent installation so you can set it up within 5 minutes.

For installing it with ease, you can consult the instructions manual. Or can get the guidance from this video.


The capacity of the filters is 450 gallons, after filtering out 450 gallons of water using Aquasana AQ 4000, you need to replace its filters. In a nutshell, approximately after the usage of 6 months, you have to replace the filters.

But 6-month duration is only an estimate from the experts, Replacement period can vary, it solely depends on the gallons you filtered in a day.


None of the product is perfectly crafted, you will find out the limitations in every product, and that’s exactly what happens with this unit.

Apart from Filtration capability and the ease of installation, there are some limitations that you must know before making any final decision.

  • The maintenance cost of the filter is far higher than many other filters because its cartridges are too much expensive. Even with the cost of replacement cartridges, you can purchase a new filter for your home. But still, cost you less than bottled waters.
  • Some units cause leakage from the bottom after some time, but here manufacturer responds quickly and compensate you with the free replacement parts.
  • AQ 4000 filters can’t work effectively for those who have the well-sourced water. It is only suitable for municipal water.

Who should buy this?

This Aquasana AQ 4000 is suitable for

  • Smaller sized families
  • Households who have Municipally sourced water
  • Tenants as they are not allowed to install any permanent water filter

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Final Thoughts

Overall, this affordable water filter has great water filtration capability with the municipal water. You can’t doubt the water that is filtered using this unit. It impressed us and all of the customers with its unexceptional filtration capabilities. And even for having this unit, you don’t need to break the bank. The only problem is with the maintenance cost, they are too high.

If you are planning to avoid it for bottled water, then keep in mind, it is still inexpensive than the bottled waters. If you can settle down with the maintenance cost, then there is no other reason to ignore this best performing countertop water filter.

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