Global Water RO-505 Reverse Osmosis System Review

When it comes to purifying water, a reverse osmosis system pops-up in the mind but most consumers believe that the best reverse osmosis systems are beyond the average customer’s pocket.

If you are one of them, your opinion is going to change after reading this “Global water RO-505 System Review “.  At least, this reverse osmosis system does not make a dent in your pocket.

Before further Ado, let’s explore does it is capable of making its place into your home.


Global Water RO 505 review

Global Water RO-505 is among those systems that are getting positive reviews from customers. The customer response on this system backing up the manufacturer’s claim about the performance.

These days Tap water is causing many health issues due to contaminants. Moreover, we are forced to drink bottled water. In this situation, Global water RO-505 helps us by removing 99% of contaminants from our tap water, ensuring we have fresh purified drinkable water.

The main reason for its better performance is NSF certified filters. The filters are of high-quality which’s why you will not get anything other than purified and contaminant-free water. Obviously, you need more than that from the purification system.

The color-coded tubings make this system too handy. You can install it within a few minutes, at max it does not take more than an hour for installation.

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Global Water RO-505 Highlighted Features

Filtration Process

Global water RO-505 system uses the 5-stages in the filtration process. The filtration process is identical to other 5-stage under sink reverse osmosis systems.

The filtration process reduces the TDS and removes up to 99% of contaminants from feed water. The filtration process of RO-505 ensures to provide you the cleaner, safer and healthier water.

To purify the water it removes more than 1000 kinds of contaminants. It is not possible to quote all here but most prominently chlorine, fluoride, lead, and bacteria are included in these contaminants.


Global RO-505 has high-quality filters. The quality of filters makes its performance competitive. The filters have a standard lifespan.

The filter replacement duration varies. It can be changed after 6 or 12 months, it all depends on the quality of feed water. If your water is more contaminated than others you have to change it often.

The 4 Spare replacement filters are the bounce that you get as a part of the package. Moreover, The replacement filters of Global water RO-505 are inexpensive. It’s means you don’t have to spend a lot on the name of maintenance cost.

Fresh Purified water

When the Tap water goes through the Global Water RO-505 filtration process, which is capable of removing 1000+ different kinds of contaminants.

What do you expect from it?

Purified water

Obviously, after removing all the unwanted contaminants only Fresh tasting pure water comes as an output.

Customer Support

Global Water RO-505 has a responsive customer support team. If you are facing any problem with the system you can contact them without hesitation. Customers are getting a response within 4 hours through E-mail. While if you need a quick solution and support, the person behind the telephone is waiting for your call.

After assisting you in your specified problem, they follow-up via E-mail and telephone to provide you peace of mind along with their Product.

Automatic Shut-off

It has an Automatic Shut-off valve that does not condone water wastage. Even you don’t need to monitor the water storage tank. 

You can continue your daily routine tasks, Automatic shut-off valve stops the filtration when the storage tank reaches the limit of 65%.

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The Negatives

In terms of performance, the Global water RO-505 system can compete with many TOP RO Water systems. But there are some negatives point associated with this undersink osmosis system.

Instructional manual

The installation of this under sink RO water system is a piece of cake. The installation can be done within few minutes.

But if you are new to the reverse osmosis system you will obviously follow the instruction manual to set up. While The instructions manual of the Global Water RO-505 water system is vague and poorly written.

If you are good at critical thinking and solving puzzles it will not be an issue for you. Otherwise, it is recommended to have professional assistance if you don’t want to see your home flooded.

Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency is measured by the water waste ratio.

Global water RO-505 wastes around 5-6 gallons for producing 1 gallon of purified water. this water waste ratio is more than the other efficient RO water systems like iSpring RCC7 wastes only 3 gallons. Although, it is not as bad as many RO water systems waste 24 Gallons of water, which increases the total cost of ownership.

By the way, 5-6 gallons is still a great loss. Instead of wasting this water, you can use it in different activities. It all depends on your approach. 

You can keep the wastewater for               

  • Cleaning dishes
  • Car wash
  • Gardening 
  • Mopping Floors


  • Produce 50 Gallons per day
  • Ease os installation
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • 4 Replacment filters in the package
  • Durable NSF Filters
  • Noise less operations
  • Remove 99% Contaminants
  • Lead free tank and faucet
  • Water waste ratio more than other Efficient System
  • Does not work efficiently with more contaminated water like sea water
  • Does not have advance features like Re-mineralization and UV light

Final Thoughts

Global Water RO-505 has the water waste ratio more than the other efficient RO water systems. Although it is the only 5-stage reverse osmosis system, that is treating even the well-sourced water effectively. No one has a doubt on the performance of this RO water system. 

The manufacturer did a great job of providing value to its customer. The whole system is pre-assembled you just need to give it a few minutes for installation. The 4 extra sets of replacement filters inside the box is another great bonus.

The High-quality NSF Filters are removing 99% of contaminants from the Tap water. The Tap water when comes out of this RO system becomes completely pure and contaminant-free water. And obviously, a Lead-free faucet is available inside the box to deliver you filtered water.

All of its Pros clearly outrank the Cons. But if still you are concerned with the water waste ratio, have a look at an almost identical system with a better water-waste ratio “Express water RO5DX“.

But if you are creative enough and know how to use wastewater, it will not be your deal-breaker.

Although, Global Water RO-505 is recommended because of its customer support, fresh-tasting water, Ease of installation, and durable filters.

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We hope, now you have all the essential knowledge about this Water filtration system.

Do you have anything more to share or ask?  Let us know!

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