5 Tips On How To Remineralize RO Water

The osmosis system is one of the best options to choose from when it comes to purifying the water. The capability of removing 99% of total dissolved solids from the feed water, making it popular for the last few years. No doubt the water produced from this technology is safer, cleaner, and healthier to drink.

But there are some advocate of the thought that the RO water need to be remineralized and the RO unit owners should know How to remineralize RO water? if they want to use it. Because during the filtration process RO filtration system also removes the minerals along with the contaminants from the feed water (not the case with every filter)

Although, some believe that your body does not fulfill its minerals and vitamins requirement from the water. The natural food that you usually eat has enough minerals and vitamins for your body.

 You must know why people Remineralize their RO water. 

Why People Remineralize RO water

Most importantly, the following are the reasons for which people think that they must Remineralize RO water for an aquarium or for aquaponics.

  • Minerals: We have mentioned already, that natural foods are fulfilling our minerals requirements. But most people don’t eat them properly that’s why they always choose to remineralize the water. Obviously, otherwise, the deficiency of the required mineral in the body could cause the problem.
  • Faster Hydration: The de-mineralized filtered water has a lower pH level. While adding back the minerals into the water increases the level of pH. In simple words, this process makes the water for your body to absorb easily.
  • Taste Matters: Most people suggest adding the minerals back into the water, just to improve the taste of treated water.

The produced filtered water is not harmful or dangerous for your health. Even though, it decreases the number of your visit to the doctor.

Hopefully, you are clear now about the reasons that force people to Remineralize the RO system water.

It is not essential to add the minerals but you are free to do, as it’s your own decision. It is not going to make it harmful to your family.

Before further Ado let’s move to the actual discussion

How to Remineralize RO water

There are several ways that you can be used to remineralize your RO water. At the end of this article, you will be familiar with 5 easiest approaches to the water Remineralization process.

Let’s get into the details

1. Remineralize water with Himalayan salt

How to remineralize RO water | use Himalayan pink salt


You can find the 84 trace minerals in the Himalayan salt, which would be a helpful source of Remineralizing the water.

This mineral-rich salt has all the major minerals for your body like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

You must be aware before remineralizing water with Himalayan salt, that the excess can be harmful to you. But, If you are going to use it carefully it will render the nourishment to your body and neutralize the harmful acidity.

Amount to use

Don’t add the larger amount of Himalayan salt. To get most of this method, only a small pinch in a glass of water is enough.


Adding Himalayan salt is one of the cost-effective ways to Remineralize the RO water. It is not going to make a dent in your pocket.

But can’t be suggested as the permanent or lifetime solution. While still, people use this method, because it also has some advantages other than water Remineralization, including

  • sinus problem relief
  • better respiratory function
  • weight loss
  • lower high blood pressure
  • Many more


  • Only pinch is required to Remineralize the water
  • Have other benefits too
  • Improve the taste
  • Affordability
  • Take time to dissolve
  • Not recommended as a permanent solution


Where to Buy pink Himalayan Salt

You can easily get it from a nearby supermarket, but if you don’t want to drive. You can purchase it from Amazon.

To let you avoid the process of finding the Best Pink Himalayan salt. We have already done the research. You can choose from them as they are getting verified positive reviews and the trust of the customers.

Himalayan salt sherpa pink for remineralization of ro water

We are recommending this Himalayan salt because of the following key features 

  • Not Composed of any artificial ingredients
  • Have the kosher certified
  • Packed inside the USA
  • Your New Go-To Salt


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The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan SaltWe are recommending this Himalayan salt because of the following key features 

  • Pure Salt with the highest finest quality
  • 84 Trace elements and iron
  • Have an ample number of benefits like it relax the mind and heal the body
  • High mineral content


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2. Use Trace Mineral drops for Remineralization

Trace Mineral drops improve the taste of RO water and also has the ability to make the water more alkaline.

Adding Trace minerals in the RO water is one of the fastest and the easiest way. They are also available in the Super Market. The Affordability of this method persuades many customers to adopt this.

How to Use trace mineral drops

It is suggested to read the full instructions on the label before actually using it. The method of using trace mineral drops varies from brand to brand. Understanding the process before actually diving into any process is always suggested to get the most out of this.


There are some methods that take an ample amount of money from your pocket. Although, it’s not the case with Trace mineral drops.

Purchasing Trace Mineral drops for RO Water is not a big deal for a person who can afford the reverse osmosis system. It is really an inexpensive way. The cost depends on the product you choose.

Where to Buy Trace Mineral drops

If you have decided to go for this approach, you already know where you can get it. The most reliable and trustworthy source is Amazon. But most customers get stuck when it comes to choosing from among different options.

Here are some best Mineral drops for RO Water that you can use.

Mineral Drops to Buy

Following mentioned are the best trace mineral drops that would be the best fit for this approach

(Click on the names for more information about the product)

3. Use Green Blends for Remineralization

green blend for ro water remineralization

Green blend is the powder of the vegetables, herbs, and of other minerals and vitamins.

The water produced from the reverse osmosis filter is a healthier one but the green blend energizes the drinking water. If you can drink the green water, there will be the no better option to choose from except the green blend.


Most people don’t want to add it to the water, we would suggest them to add it to the food for getting all the minerals.

The only downside of this Remineralization process is that it costs more than trace mineral drops and the Himalayan salt.

If you are on the budget, you can use the above-mentioned approach. Otherwise, it’s the “Go product”

4. Alkaline Water Filter

Use Alkaline water filter for RO water remineralizationYou can even use the alkaline water filters after the Reverse osmosis system. It can add all the beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium back into the water after the filtration.

Although, it relatively costs more than other ways to Remineralize the water.

But Alkaline water filters would be the best option to choose for those who want the permanent solution.

Alkaline filters to Buy

The following mentioned are the top and affordable alkaline water filters that can be helpful if you have decided to choose this method.

(Click on the names for more information about the product)

5. Install the Remineralization Stage

Most of the Reverse osmosis systems have the Remineralization stage, which is responsible for adding the minerals back into the water after the filtration process. Home Master TMHP Hydroperfection is one of those filters that already have the remineralization stage in their filtration process.

But you are reading this because you don’t have reverse osmosis remineralized. Don’t worry, it is not only the case with you. We have another solution for this.

In almost every reverse osmosis system, you can add the Alkaline stage. The process of adding this stage is not intricate. You can get it done easily but would like to suggest you before starting the procedure take a look at different videos available on YouTube and read the instructions to avoid mistakes.

Planning to have a long-term and permanent solution, adding reverse osmosis remineralized is another great idea.

It seems to be an expensive approach. But the benefits associated with this approach wins over the cost.

The lifespan of the Remineralization filter depends on the product that you choose. Normally, they have a lifespan from 6 to 12 months, depending on the feed water pressure, the temperature the quality.

If you want to have the new reverse osmosis system with the Remineralization stage, Express water would be the perfect budget choice. You can also choose from other Recommended reverse osmosis systems.

Over to You!

Hopefully, these interesting tips have covered you, we have explained all the aspects that you should know about the water remineralization process.

If you think that your water needs to be Remineralized, now you can easily choose the Remineralization process that suits you.

Hopefully, now you can easily remineralize your RO water without any hurdle.

If you have found it useful, do share it with your friends too! 🙂

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